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5 Tips for Getting Electrical Work Done Right

By Justin King

Tell us a little bit about your experience, company history and the services you offer.

King Electric Service was established by Norman (Tony) King in 1986. The company was originally founded as a two man operation working out of only one service truck. Tony would perform electrical work during the day, and bid on the next day's electrical jobs during the evenings


Today, King Electric has grown into a second-generation electrical contracting company with four service trucks. Our trucks are stocked with enough tools and parts that enable each member of the King Electric team to complete a wide variety of jobs without having to return to an electrical supplier on a regular basis. This saves the client, time and money.

King Electric offers a wide variety of services to our clients. King Electric preforms the smallest of jobs including replacing switches and outlets, and all the way to the largest jobs out there including whole house rewires. King Electric is mostly a residential service company, but we also preform service work for commercial companies as well.

What are two or three of the most common electrical issues you've seen in the Pittsburgh area?

The Pittsburgh area for the most part is an old housing market. Houses can be date back to the civil and even the revolutionary war. One of the most common problems in Pittsburgh is the aging wiring systems. Knob and Tube wire is over a hundred years old and still in use today. A hundred year old electrical system cannot handle the electrical load that the modern homes demand. The way that these old systems are set up can result in open connections under today's load demands, which in turn can become dangerous.

Along the same lines the main service entrance and electrical panels are aging, becoming obsolete and or dangerous. Replacing the main service entrance and panel can be a big step making a home safer. Today's breakers can detect a lot more problems than fuses and even the older style breakers.

Another common electrical problem is as simple as a loose connection. Whether a client is running a vacuum, hair dryer, or simply notices outlets and lights not working. The manner electricians wired houses in the past can cause point of use power failures. Diagnosing these power failures can be a time consuming process, but once one of King Electric's electricians finds the problem. Correcting the connections can be a simple procedure.

When is it a good idea for homeowners to consult a licensed electrician?

It is always a good idea to consult an electrician, even if the problem or job is as simple as replacing the switch. Someone with little to no electrical experience can cause harm to their house, electrical system or even themselves. Electricians go through training and real world experience to be able to work on your electrical systems. Always trust the experts!

What qualifications should people look for before hiring an electrician?

A reputable electrician should be both licensed and insured. In the state of Pennsylvania you must be registered with a PA contractor number. Also one must be licensed with any local governing bodies. Typical insurances that one must have are liability insurance and also workman's compensation insurance. Being licensed and insured gives the homeowner peace of mind that if anything were to happen in their home the electrician will not be suing them.

How are the service contract and fee typically set up?

There are two schools of thought. Hourly billing is given to the customer after the work is complete and the electrician totals the time and materials. This is fine, however the homeowner is often left wondering how much the job is going to cost all the way to the end. In this case homeowners will often try to rush a job along to save money. This in the long run can end up costing them much more. The second school of thought is based upon the job. This style of billing is becoming more and more popular because in most cases the prices are given up front before the work is started. This in turn lets the homeowner relax and not worry how much the bill will be at the end because they have already sign off on a certain price.

What important tip about electrical maintenance and safety would you give to Pittsburgh home buyers?

Just as you would have your AC unit checked in the spring before the first use. When buying a home a new buyer should have their electrical system checked for deficiencies. Also, check to see if there are safety GFCI outlets in all wet location. Test them to see if they are properly working. If there are no GFCI's and/or they are not functioning properly then consult your local electrician.

What's the best way for people to reach you and your company?

We can be reached by phone or email.

Office # 724 934 2223


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