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Awakening Your Prana at Stillpoint Yoga

By Marina Jokic

Dianne Rutstein's love affair with yoga began years ago, and has been an indelible part of her life ever since. In a fateful twist of fate, she decided to join Stillpoint in 2006 as a student. The place became her second home, a warm and inviting community of students and teachers who shared a passion for yoga.

"I had always wanted to own a small business and had always wanted to teach yoga, [so] the universe was on my side in 2012 when I officially took over ownership of Stillpoint when the previous owner had been planning to close," she said.

Stillpoint Yoga offers classes to suit all fitness levels as well as meditation, health and wellness training, and acupuncture. Inheriting a dedicated following, Rutstein's mission has been to build upon the core mission of Stillpoint while keeping true to the practice of yoga. The diverse local community serves as a support network for Rutstein, who is eager to impart her yogic knowledge to them.

"We have people who live here, work here and, of course, live and work locally so we have just a wonderfully cultured community with all different levels of practice," Rutstein said. "Classes are all about the practice and finding exactly what you are seeking; it is not about keeping up with the person on the mat next to you."

There are beginner and gentle level classes as well as Vinyasa and Heated Vinyasa. Being able to completely remove yourself from external distractions and thoughts is essential.

"This is about letting everything go, letting it all be and connecting with your movement and with your breath," Rutstein said.

One of the compliments Rutstein hears most is how warm and friendly everyone is at Stillpoint, from the front desk to the teachers and students. The people there are serious practitioners of yoga, but above all, they are optimistic about life.

"It has always been very important to me that teachers at Stillpoint not only have experience and training and can be trusted in the class, but also carry a very positive attitude, [are] happy to be there and sharing a love of yoga and all that the practice can do for you," Rutstein said.

"The greatest part of my day is hearing a new story about how Yoga has helped someone or how wonderful it makes them feel," Rutstein said.

Indeed, practicing yoga not only brings benefits to the practitioner, but also to his or her surroundings. People who are at peace with themselves tend to be more inclined to help others.

Every summer, Stillpoint participates in an elaborate event in collaboration with the King of Prussia Business District, and offers free yoga outdoors every week in June and July. Stillpoint is also exploring other partnerships with local businesses and corporations intended to promote yoga within the community.

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