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Blondie's Is A Delicious Gem

By Keith Donaldson

Rebecca Gillespie and her husband were at their wits' end. He had lost his job but an opporutnity presented itself: take some space in a building and turn Rebecca's baking hobby into a proper business. Fast forward eight years later and Blondie's has been an overwhelming success in Cantasuqua. Gillespie took some time to answer our questions about her thriving bakery.

What​ first inspired you to open Blondies? How long have you been in business?

Blondies began as a happy coincidence. My husband had lost his job, and I was baking as a hobby. I sold my items at a corner market in town. I received a call from the woman who owns the building we are currently in and asked if we would be interested in opening a bakery in the spot. My husband and I invested our last $1,000 into starting Blondies. We purchased many of our items within the shop from yard sales, and borrowed the money for our food supplies from my mother for our grand opening day. A higher power was certainly with us, our first day open we miraculously had a line out the door and made enough to pay my mother back and our first month's rent. We have been open almost 8 years now.

Why the combination of hot dogs and cupcakes?

Again, a happy little coincidence. I knew very little about running a business when we first opened. I called Valpak to find out how much advertising was. needless to say it was way outside our budget, however the man on the phone told me that he really recommended us having some "real food" as well, he stated he has seen many bakeries open and close and if we had regular menu items as well as desserts it would give us a "leg up". I turned to my husband and we vowed to come up with fun menu items that were affordable. Many families were on fixed budgets and we wanted to make our shop accessible to all. We have as much fun with the hot dogs as we do with the cupcakes with over 50 different types of topping combinations.

I saw that you have been featured on Food Network and even won "best cupcake." What do you think it is about your cupcakes that make them stand out?

Our cupcakes are huge. I always say if you're gonna do it go big, and I'm not a fan of "wasted calories". Not only are they big, but they are ridiculously moist (you truly need a spoon to eat them) and they have loads of toppings, drizzles and fillings layered on them. That being said, I feel it's the "whole package" with Blondies though. We have great cupcakes, and awesome food at super reasonable prices, but we are a real family running a business. Some days you will come in and my four year old is helping to clean off tables, we actually want to know how YOUR day was and want to share ours with you as well. When you step in Blondies it's as if you are coming to our home, and we try and covey that experience to every one of our guests. That's the difference between the "big box" stores and the Ma & Pop establishments. This is what I feel truly makes Blondies special.

What is your personal favorite hot dog that you offer and why?

The Boilermaker is my all time fave. This dog is piled high with bacon, mac and cheese, crushed nachos, and crumbled hamburger topped off with loads of gooey cheese. Why you ask? Go big or go home right. If we are gonna be pounding calories, let's make sure it's worth it.

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