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Blue Buddha Healing Arts Provides Healing For All

By Keith Donaldson

After working as a massage therapist, Kate Freese wanted to do something more. She wanted to create a place that featured alternative healing techniques with an atmosphere of support. In February of 2011 she made that dream a reality by opening Blue Buddha Healing Arts in Exton. She hasn't looked back since. Kate took the time to answer some questions about her studio for Pennsylvania Homes.

What ​was the inspiration behind opening Blue Buddha Healing Arts? How long have you been in business?

I started Blue Buddha in February of 2011. At that time, I had already been working as a massage therapist for a few years and wanted to create a studio with a different type of culture and atmosphere. My dream was to create a welcoming community space for alternative healing. I wanted our clients to not only feel supported physically, but to also gain a sense of emotional support in knowing that we listen to and care about every single client.

How would you describe the culture and atmosphere the studio and classes offer to students/clients?

We've worked pretty hard to create an atmosphere that is both beautiful and relaxed. You might walk in to find a client sipping some awesome locally blended tea after their killer massage on our vegan pleather chairs, in our dimly lit lobby surrounded by tiny twinkle lights and succulents. That relaxing environment carries into our massage rooms that are beautifully decorated with an eclectic blend of antiques and state of the art massage equipment. We tried not to skip any little details; we even added extra layers of fluffy memory foam to our massage tables to make it even harder for you to hold onto your stress. Our space wouldn't be as beautiful without my favorite part: the people. I love my work family. I am so blessed with a well-educated, empathic, loving and hilarious staff. They really are what makes us so special.

We're actually in the process of revamping our yoga space and program. We are adding a few more therapeutic and fun classes to our newly remodeled and incredibly inviting studio. One of which will be a super slow flow donation based class every Sunday starting in March. The super slow flow class is the perfect opportunity to distress and let go of whatever is bothering you so that you can start your week out fresh. We try to include a class style for everyone and want to diminish any opinion that you are too stiff or inflexible (or whatever other silly excuses you may come up with) to take part in yoga. Yoga is good and possible for everybody.

We offer a wide variety of massage therapies in-order to customize each session for our clients. One of our most common massage modalities is Ashiatsu. This is a practice where the therapists perform the massage with their feet while using overhead bars for support and balance. Besides the fact that it feels amazing, there are many health benefits of this specific type of therapy including increase intervertebral space and postural correction, increased circulation and immune system. We also have practitioners that specialize in myofascial release, Thai massage, gua sha and cupping just to name a few. These therapies can be experienced by themselves or can be combined to create the perfect massage experience for you.

I read that one of the yoga classes you offer is aerial yoga, which is becoming quite popular. Can anyone try this yoga class or is it more for advanced students?

Aerial yoga is a super fun variation of "normal" yoga where you use a very strong adjustable piece of nylon fabric or "silk" to assist you throughout your practice. Most of the yoga postures are similar versions to what you would experience on the mat however, they can be intensified by the proper use of the silk. This style of yoga is amazing for stretching out your shoulders, hips, and legs. The supported inversions are perfect for reversing all of the spinal compression we create in our cars, on our feet, and at our desks. Oh, these inversions are also the perfect opportunity for the very necessary aerial Instagram selfie. As with any physical activity, there are a few contraindications we watch out for and we recommend our students have enough upper body strength to be able to lift themselves in and out of the silk. Our aerial teacher is always there to assist and provide alternatives for the more challenging inversions.

Why do you think someone should choose Blue Buddha for their yoga, meditation, massage or other wellness needs?

Our mission at Blue Buddha is to listen to our client's voices and their bodies with empathy and understanding and to create a customized service or class with expert knowledge for every body and everybody.

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