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Boundary Disputes and When to Hire a Lawyer: An Interview with Socrates Georgeadis of Georgeadis and Setley

By Socrates Georgeadis

Tell us a little about your firm and the areas of law you practice.

Our Firm is a full service law firm with attorneys practicing in a variety of areas, including corporate and commercial law, estate law, municipal law, real estate law, and family law, among other areas of practice. The Firm also has a civil litigation division to bring disputes in these areas before a state or federal court of law, when the situation necessitates.

Can you briefly describe what a boundary dispute is?

A boundary dispute arises when two property owners disagree on the boundary line between two parcels, resulting, normally, in one party claiming more land than he or she is entitled to possess.

What are the most common boundary disputes that you've seen arise in Pennsylvania?

Boundary disputes arise in a variety of situations, including, but not limited to, surveying errors, incorrect legal descriptions in a deed, and the interesting legal doctrine of adverse possession, where an individual may take title to another's property by simply using the same for a prescribed period of time.

When is it advisable for someone involved in a boundary or property line dispute to consult a lawyer?

Anyone involved in a boundary line dispute should immediately consult an attorney, as in a boundary dispute, more than many other types of legal disputes, a party can be negatively impacted later in court by inaction in the short-term.

Are there any actions that can or should be taken before property owners hire an attorney?

Parties should be sure that there is actually a disagreement as to where the boundary should be; however, involving an attorney at the early stages does not necessarily mean that the adversarial nature of the situation will increase, but only that a property owner would be more advised of his or her rights. Therefore, it is never too early to discuss a potential situation with an attorney.

What advice do you have for homeowners with a neighbor who is wrongly claiming to own part of their property?

Discuss the issue with an attorney immediately, as inaction could potentially cost a rightful owner legal title to the property wrongfully claimed by the neighbor.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your firm?

Phone or email: (610) 898-9500;

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