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Build Core Strength and Protect Yourself from Injury with Platinum Pilates

By Marina Jokic

Pilates is widely known for its many health benefits, the primary of which is building core strength. Improving posture, reducing stress, and increasing flexibility through its use of resistance training, Pilates can sustainably enhance muscle strength and stamina through measured movements. The practice also conditions the body so that it is less prone to injury.

While teaching in a Pilates studio in Dayton, Ohio, Andrea Klaverkamp was inspired by her many clients to start her own business. The idea blossomed in her mind over the next several months, and eventually she decided the time was right to take the next step. After moving back to her hometown of Westchester, Pennsylvania to be near her parents and sisters, Klaverkamp opened Platinum Pilates in August, 2013.

"I always knew I would own my own business from a young age, but had no idea it would be this," she said. "I wanted to find a way to support myself and my daughter while making my own schedule after a divorce, and my own business was the ideal solution."

Klaverkamp's love for Pilates was reinforced by her students' many successes.

"My clients have come to me and said they no longer have back pain, no longer need to see the chiropractor, feel energized after a game of golf?the list goes on and on," she said.

Pilates can be a challenging workout on its own, but it can also be modified to complement other trainings since it is an adaptable workout that can be adjusted in accordance with a student's needs and limitations.

"This means I may modify an exercise to help someone understand a main concept or just because their hamstrings are really tight and they are unable to do it the original way," Klaverkamp said. "I love that I am free to change things to accommodate [clients and] make [the] session truly their own."

Klaverkamp mainly specializes in teaching one-on-one lessons in order to devote her full attention and expertise to each student. In fact, she highly recommends that new students try out the private lessons first in order to get a better sense of what Pilates is and how it can be tailored to their specific abilities and goals.

She is certified through the STOTT Pilates method, a contemporary approach to Pilates which came about thanks to modern studies of the original Joseph Pilates teaching. Klaverkamp is also a Rossiter Certified Coach Level 1 and an expert in the Rossiter System, a unique stretching method that effectively alleviates pain and restores the body's agility. Rossiter stretching works on the principle of loosening connective tissue that is tight and creating space in and around the joints.

For Klaverkamp, Pilates is much more than just a workout for those who want to look fit and attractive. Multiple sclerosis patients are some of Platinum Pilates' regular visitors as Klaverkamp is especially trained in methods of improving overall mobility and giving MS patients a positive outlook on their physical wellbeing. The community of students at Platinum Pilates is diverse in age, gender, background, and physical ability which enriches Klaverkamp's experience as a trainer and individual.

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