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Concrete Restoration Process: An Interview with Brian Rose of Armor Masonry Restoration

By Brian Rose

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Armor Masonry Restoration is a full-service masonry restoration company that performs concrete repair, waterproofing, caulking, brick and stone pointing to restore buildings back to their original look and integrity.

Can you briefly explain what concrete restoration is?

Concrete restoration is the restoring of the concrete to fit, look and maintain its integrity back to the original prints. Also to make changes that are needed to fit into the design and structural integrity to maintain the building and its improvements while not changing the aesthetics.

What are some of the most common areas in a home that need concrete restoration?

Most home restorations are the façade, windows, roof areas, outside walls, walk ways etc.

What are the basic steps in the process and how long does everything typically take?

The basic steps vary from job to job, removal or demo of old material, (mortar, brick, stone, caulk, flashings etc), then replacing with closeness to restore a building back to its original look is usually the expectations of the building owner/s. Depending on the size of the structure this could take days, months or years. Armor is currently involved in a 3 year project for one building.

Do people need to do anything to help prepare for the process?

Engineers and architects are usually recommended to insure that contractors are held to within specs and on the same page. Stated differently, engineers and architects give the direction to be followed by the contractor. This keeps the contractor pigeon holed into completing the specified task.

Is there any special type of maintenance required for concrete flooring?

There are several types of maintenance plans for concrete floors, from sealants and coatings, to washing down periodically, proper maintenance of the expansion joints are a must as well. Like people, each concrete section is different and must be treated accordingly. Parking areas are different than stair ways and walk ways. Hi traffic areas areas need more attention than a quiet patio.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with your company?

Armor Masonry Restoration Inc. is reachable via the web at or at 267-878-0909. Armor Masonry is a commercial/industrial full service masonry restoration company serving PA, NJ, DE, NY, and MD.

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