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Creative Ways To Use Extra Space In Your Home

By Elizabeth Elstien

You've made some extra space in your home, but are not sure how to use it? Consider your hobbies or needs first and plan the room. Larger rooms can be broken up for a few different uses with dividers or keep the open floor plan and just paint different colors to delineate the separate-use spaces. Lighting is key to the feel of a room, so consider all lighting types from desk or floor lamps to wall-mounted directionals. Large mirrors near windows make a small room appear brighter and larger. Here are some creative ways to use attic, basement, garage or other finished spaces to give your home that one-of-a kind feel.

Screening Room

For those movie buffs or television series aficianados, a "screening" room is a must. Smaller rooms benefit best from this usage, but any room can be adapted. The room will need good acoustics and audio equipment, dark-colored paint, lighting on a dimmer switch, a large-screen television and Blu-Ray/3-D DVD player. Add a range of seating choices from theater-style to loveseats, as well as a few small tables and a DVD rack to store those award-winning productions. Bring in a commercial popcorn machine and small refrigerator to store bottled drinks and invite friends for a show they won't want to miss. You could even have discussions about the programming after each show, just like a real screening.

Family Resource Room

A resource room is a pumped-up office space for various uses. A great place to study, work or have some quite time. A typical resource room is usually light and bright with desk space and chairs for several people (depending on household size), shelves, cabinets, drawers and electrical outlets all around to ensure laptops, smart phones, or tablets are easily charged. Add in a few comfy chairs for seating variety. Shelving should have a range of books, games and other resources for various ages in the household. Contain paper, pens, stapler, paper clips and other office supplies in stylish desktop or shelf boxes. Wireless internet is an essential factor in a resource room, but keep equipment out of reach. Put some motivational quotes on the walls to encourage minds of all ages. Kids may even bring their friends home to--gasp--learn and have fun.

Artists Studio

Are you or a family member an aspiring artist? Use the extra space to bring in items to make the space a fine arts, photography or music studio, whether that means easels and paints (crayons for the younger ones) or mixing boards and microphones. Display finished artwork or photos on the wall. Showcase a set of concert posters or music reviews. Have bookshelves with books and magazines on the particular craft. Add appropriate lighting, such as spotlights to highlight artwork. Use the space to make extra money and teach classes. Have entertaining birthday parties for your children that are sure to be a hit.

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