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Everything You Should Know About Wood Fences: An Interview with Kevin Brenen of All Star Fence and Landscaping

By Kevin Brenen

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

You want your house to feel like a home, inside and outside. At All Star Fence and Landscaping, we take care of the outside. From fencing for safety and privacy to landscaping for natural beauty, we make sure you can relax and enjoy your home all year round. We provide a variety of services including fencing, hardscaping, lawn mowing, play systems, sheds, outdoor home theater systems, automatic gates systems, and more.

When you call All Star Fence and Landscaping, you can be sure our experts will provide quality work that meets the highest standards. We work hard to exceed the expectations of both our residential and commercial customers by providing reliable, meticulous work. Our eye for detail ensures that our customers can be confident in our fencing, landscaping, and other outdoor services. We use only the highest quality materials from industry leaders, and we are always on the lookout for new technologies that can benefit our customers. If you don't see what you're looking for on our web site, please contact us. We provide a variety of fencing and other products, and we know we can find a solution to fit your needs. One of our specialties is providing solutions other companies walk away from.

Since 2005, All Star Fence and Landscaping has helped homeowners in the tri-state area create beautiful and safe outdoor environments for their families. We make sure our products and services meet your needs and compliment your home's décor. So why settle for ordinary when you can have an All Star!

Can you briefly talk about the difference between buying a new fence from a big box store versus hiring a professional contractor or fence builder?

When buying a fence at a big box store, you lose the personal service you get from a professional fence company, like All Star Fence and Landscaping. Our staff contains professionally trained and skilled fence installers; whereas, the person at a big box store that is selling you fence just sold another guy a toilet. The salespeople at a big box store are not uniquely trained on quality fence products and after the sale they rely on subcontractors, whom you do not know or have had an opportunity to build a working relationship with, to install their product. Another big difference is that local fence companies will come to your house, usually for a free estimate, and help you shop on your terms in the comfort of your house. What I have found to be the biggest difference thus far between fence companies and big box stores is the quality of the products the customer is receiving. All Star Fence and Landscaping sells the Rolls Royce of fencing materials all matched by the same high standards for installation. Not everyone carries the product lines we choose to, but every local fence company is going to offer a better quality product than what you find on the shelves of big box stores. Another challenge I come across frequently is the misconception is that big box stores are cheaper than your local fence company, it always pays to be an educated consumer, and as the owner of my company I will continue to be an advocate for quality products and workmanship in the fencing industry, the truth is when you start looking at the quality of the product these big box stores offer, those dollars just don't make sense.

What are the main choices that homeowners need to make when it comes to their fence?

Customers need to determine the purpose of the fence purchase and the style of the fence that meets those needs. We rely on a fence to perform a variety of functions within our lives. Based on those needs there are a few important decisions to consider when choosing a fence. This is an important part of the overall process because only certain fences will meet pool code standards or comply with HOA rules, or be allowable under local municipality rules regarding the types of fences. Lastly, geographic location play an important part in determining the best fence for your needs. Not everyone has a flat level yard. Maybe there are challenges on your property such as trees along the property line, wooded areas, existing structures that need to be incorporated into the design, or precipitous slopes to contend with. All of these factors and more need to be considered before making your purchase.

What are some of the most popular fencing styles and features for people in Pennsylvania?

This season we have found that the majority of our clients who installed pools this year chose the classic and eloquent aluminum style fence to meet the pool code. The second most popular style of fence this season is six foot high vinyl privacy fence. This is a beautiful look that adds style and sophistications along with privacy and security to any home. In past years, white vinyl has been the most popular color; however, at All Star Fence and Landscaping, we offer over 50 different colors and have found that for 2014 tan and grey have become very popular this season.

How is the cost for a fence typically determined?

Since different materials have a different cost, the cost of the fence, would be dependent upon the materials chosen in combination with the total linear footage of the area to be fenced in on the property.

How long does should the installation take?

Typical installation takes approximately one to two days depending on the size of the job and the ground conditions.

Do you have any tips for successfully incorporating new fencing with a gate or outdoor area?

Plan ahead and try to think of the future use of the fence. Try to match materials that are aesthetically pleasing to the environment. Make sure your fence is up to local codes, pull a permit when necessary, and always call PA ONE CALL #811 before you dig.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

The best way for customers to contact our company is through our website, or they can call our Montgomery County office at 610-326-1704 or Bucks County Office at 215-633-1704. Even though All Star Fence and Landscaping is the premier fence company in the county, you are always in direct communications with the owner, Kevin Brenen, from start to finish on all jobs!

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