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Finding the Right Mover for You: An Interview with Ricky Christ of O'Brien's Moving & Storage

By Ricky Christ

About O'Brien's Moving & Storage:

O'Brien's Moving & Storage offers full-service relocation and storage options to homeowners, businesses, warehouses, medical practices, etc who are looking for a new location, or moving within the same location. We have been in business since 1928, and have 3 locations in Allentown, PA Reading, PA and Clinton, NJ.

Best Place to Look for Moving Recommendations?

Word of mouth is the best recommendation. Ask friends, business associates, fellow church members, etc who they used to move and if they were satisfied with the services. The second place is to search for companies on the internet and check their reviews.

Can I Trust an Estimate that Wasn't Done in Person?

Very important. Be very cautious of any company that you are speaking to that will not or cannot provide an in home estimate. Unless you have a very small move and are only moving locally(for example, a small apartment moving within town), you want a salesperson to come out to your house and give you an accurate estimate to see what exactly you have to move and how accessible your driveway, entrances, exits, etc are. If the company you are speaking to refuses, or can't do an in home estimate there are only a few reasons why, and none of them are good. They could just be an internet "broker" and not an actual moving company, meaning they must then find a moving company for you, which is out of your control. It could also mean they are an illegal or "pirate" mover, meaning they are not licensed to perform moving services. Finally, it could mean they are just very small and do not have a salesperson to do an estimate. In any case, getting an in home estimate is critical.

What Are Signs That a Moving Company Might not be Reliable?

If a company refuses to send a salesperson out to do an in home estimate, that is usually a bad sign. You should also be provided a clear estimate, describing the contents to be moved, with price, etc. Also, all legitimate moving companies have "moving licenses", meaning they are licensed by the state or federal government to provide moving services. This insures that they are legal and follow all of the rules governed by the state or federal government. It also shows that they are insured, which is critical should you have any damage to your furniture. Their licenses should be displayed on any advertising they use(i.e phone book ads, web sites, etc). If you do no not have access to a phone book or internet, ask them for their license number before getting an estimate or moving with them.

Do You Find to be Useful? is a useful site to see if there are any complaints against that company. We also tell customers to research via the PUC (, the Pennsylvania Moving & storage Association (, the American Moving and Storage Association (, the New Jersey Moving and warehousemen's Association(, or the United States Department of Transportation("

Advice About Choosing the Right Moving Company?

We usually tell people, again, to check with friends, etc to see if they have used a mover and how did they like the services. We also tell them to go on their website and check their reviews. Any company can have a less than favorable review (or a few it they are quite large). However, if the site is littered with bad reviews (or they don't have any), and the content of the reviews scares you, then you should be scared away. Finally, if people are really concerned, we tell them to check with their appropriate Better Business Bureau. You can see a list of complaints there, and if they were resolved.

Contact Info:

Our phone number, 1-800-424-3866, our web site address is

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