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Five Simple and Easy Home Improvement Projects

By Colleen Colkitt

1. Fresh Coat of Paint

A new paint job can add color and vibrancy to any room or space. This update is fairly quick job because only a few coats are needed. It's a cost effective way to change things up a bit in your home.

Deep colors like reds and oranges will make a room cozy and warm. Lighter colors such as blues and yellows create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. A quick tip to save money on paint while still giving your decorations an update is to conserve paint by choosing to color an accent wall. Paint a wall bordering a window to spread the distribution of light and life to the room.

2. Kitchen Revival

The holidays came and went, but you might have noticed a few snags along the way. Cooking for a lot of people, or just cooking under pressure, might bring out some issues in your kitchen. It's time to fix up these things by changing out sink faucets and getting new knobs or pulls for cabinets. Or take on a more involved project by replacing countertops with surfaces that are more durable and long lasting. Shop around for kitchen islands, or movable storage units, to add more counter space and room for pots and pans.

3. Energy Efficient Heating/Cooling

Ceiling fans are one way to cut down on energy bills that can get up there due to wasteful air conditioners. You'll notice the improvement right away and it's a fairly inexpensive method to keep your air cool. Fans are useful even in the winter if you reverse the direction of the motor because you will disperse warm air from below and evenly distribute the heat.

4. Insulation

Maintain a lower energy bill when you install caulking and weather strips around windows. Drafty windows are a problem area when keeping heating bills low, so if you want to take on a project that will create a more lasting effect, insulate walls of your attic to keep chilly winds out. Consider upgrading your current heating system to a more energy efficient model to cut down on your bill as well.

5. Security

Home security systems might not be on the top of your mind when it comes to home improvement, but there are simple steps to take that will provide security and let you breathe easy. Your home is susceptible to break in by its most vulnerable windows, so keep all windows updated and locked. Window alarms are an even further preventative measure to protect your house and your loved ones, and they're easy to install!

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