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Hope Hill Lavender Farm Cultivates Awareness Of The Rich, Healing Properties Of Lavender

By Paul Rowe

From Bulgaria to England, the United States to France, lavender is farmed all over the world. It is a plant rich in history and myth.

The name Lavender is a derivative of the Latin word "lavare," meaning "to wash." In the time of the ancient herbalists, lavender gained a strong reputation as a disinfectant and antiseptic. Over time, lavender even gained the surprising distinction of warding of the plague. Later, in the time of Queen Victoria, lavender was recognized as both a cosmetic herb and a tonic for nerves.

Nowadays, lavender has stepped out of its attachment with old fashioned uses and has attained some status in the field of modern aromatherapy. Scientific research has verified many of its ancient uses to the point where now lavender is an essential component of any household first aid box, an essential oil used on burns, insect bites, and blemishes.

Today, lavender can be found in Pottsville, Pennsylvania at Hope Hill Lavender Farm. Hope Hill's owners Wendy & Troy Jochems distill lavender flowers to produce their own essential oil and hydrosol. These products are then used in their soaps, lotions, candles, and just about everything found at Hope Hill Lavender Farm.

Lavender ensures that all products at Hope Hill Lavender Farm smell naturally exquisite. Jochems and her husband also harvest their own English lavender for cooking. A little bit of lavender provides the perfect touch to make dishes delicious.

For years, Jochems and her husband have propagated their own lavender plants for their use and sale to customers, but before they owned the farm together they were drawn together by their shared love for horses.

"My husband helped at a horse farm and had one horse and I grew up with a pony. We met over a rescue horse that still lives with us on the farm," Jochems said. "We purchased the farm to bring our two horses somewhere we could take care of them."

In 2010, Jochems's urge to garden combined with her husband's desire to farm led to Hope Hill Lavender Farm. The location of the land Pottsville had a lot to do with the crop they chose. Since deer do not prefer to consume lavender, the farm's location on the hillside adjacent to Weiser State Farm proved an ideal location for growing abundant amounts of this wonderful plant. Since then, Jochems and her husband have worked together to preserve all that is natural around them.

"We practice our natural methods to care for our land and our bees that we keep at Hope Hill Lavender Farm," Jochems said. "We both enjoy working outdoors in nature, being creative with what we do on our farm together, and sharing with our visitors."

Hope Hill Lavender Farm will continue to share lavender, with all the rich history and medical applications that come along with it, with the people of Pottsville for years to come.

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