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Integrative Healing Arts Studio Provides New Take on Holistic Health Services

By Kelly Church

Located in West Reading, PA, Integrative Healing Arts Studio is a center that joins many holistic services for whole body wellness. Owned by Christina Rossi, who also serves as the lead practitioner, the studio has classes and services ranging from yoga to herbal medicine and crystal therapy.

"I wanted to create a healing environment that would provide different types of holistic health options, since everyone is unique," Rossi said. "I was inspired by my eclectic assortment of interests that include aromatherapy and essential oils, herbal medicine, crystals, Reiki, massage therapy and yoga."

All of those services can be found at Integrative Healing Arts Studio, which Rossi described as being relaxing, cozy and one that promotes healing. Class sizes are small, the studio is filled with aromatherapy and some have even called the studio a "hidden treasure."

"Many clients comment that as soon as they in, it is like leaving their cares outside the door," Rossi said.

One of the services that Rossi frequently uses is Reiki, an eastern healing technique that uses gentle hand placements to harness energy between the healer and the client. Reiki is thought to stimulate the body's energy flow, which leads to less stress, less illness and improved overall health.

Rossi developed a long and unique menu of services to offer her client base, including flower therapy, inspired by her love of flowers. She believes each type of flower has a unique energy, what she calls "its spirit essence," and she pulls in Reiki techniques with flowers to give her clients a one-of-a-kind healing experience.

"Flowers are chosen based on the individual's needs and intuitive guidance, and also by what is available at the time," Rossi said. "In a session, the flowers are arranged around the body and Reiki is administered. The client is able to take [the flowers] home at the end of the session to enjoy."

Other services available at Integrative Healing Arts Studio include dry body brushing, which removes dead skin cells from the body, improves circulation, stimulates nerve endings and the lymphatic system. Rossi sometimes combines massage with dry brushing for a complete relaxing, whole-body service.

"I am able to provide my clients with knowledge and experience," Rossi said. "I have over 20 years [of] experience working with natural healing modalities that includes herbal medicine, aromatherapy and crystal healing, and I have been practicing massage and Reiki for five years."

Depending on the service, Rossi allots different amounts of time to each client, which includes a brief discussion before the service begins. For detailed information on all of Rossi's services at Integrative Healing Arts Studio, visit

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