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Keeping Your Energy Bill Low When Selling Your Pennsylvania Home

By Elizabeth Elstien

Homebuyers will often ask what the average utility bills are in a home. High bills may scare potential buyers away. Lower your energy costs when selling your home and keep those buyers interested.

There are many way to decrease energy usage when living in a home, such as turning lights off when not in use, opening and closing windows and blinds/curtains to cool off or heat up a home. Use these easy tips for holding the energy company at bay, whether still living in the home or not.

Unplug Appliances

Unplug and put or pack away kitchen appliances when not in use to keep counters clear for better showings and reduce the energy suck of appliances plugged in but not turned on.

Be Safe And Secure

If home is vacant, put outside lights on a timer so they only come on when needed. Or use solar lights to light the home in the dark. Keep your place safe and secure by putting in new energy-efficient bulbs, too.

Turn Off Outside Features

Do you have outside water or lighting features to accent your home? Turn these features off to save money. Having them off will not impact sales, but make sure you get some photos for your real estate agent before shutting them down.

Clean Coils

Clean coils on the back of the refrigerator for more efficient use. Plus, do you really want to present your home to buyers with a mound of dust build-up? Of course not.

Adjust Temperatures

Turn the air conditioning up or the electric heat down, depending on the season. Maintain a comfortable temperature for buyer showings and cut your electric costs.

Adjust Water Heater Down

Turn the electric water heater down to a lukewarm level if the home is vacant. Buyers won't be checking how hot the water is when making a decision to purchase.

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