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Keeping Your Lawn Beautiful and Healthy: An Interview with Jeffrey Lego of Lego Services

By Jeffrey Lego

Please tell us a little bit about your company and what you offer.

My name is Jeff Lego and my company, Lego Services LLC, provides lawn care, snow maintenance, and landscaping services in the Central Pennsylvania area (Blair and Centre Counties). While we have only been in business for six years we have grown dramatically and become a trusted source in the local lawn care industry. We started in mid-2008 with a total of 8 to 10 customers our first year, in 2014 we will be ending the year with close to 200 customers, and only approximately 15% are one-time services.

What are the important points to keep in mind when you want to maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn?

This question can go any direction depending on whether or not the owner chooses organic or chemical treatments. Organic has been steadily growing in interest so I will start here and briefly go over a few chemical methods after.

For the homeowner who treats his own grass, in Pennsylvania our main species are Blue Grass and Fescues. These turf species are deep in green and have an overall thick appearance. To keep them looking their best, remember to mow at a height of 3 inches throughout the spring and summer and lower to 2 ½-2 inches in the fall before the first snow fall is expected. Not only does mowing at a higher height in the hotter months, keep the turf with a dark green, lush appearance it also helps to suppress weeds.

Another great organic tip is mulching. Many homeowners and lawn care companies bag and remove lawn clippings. But in reality, mulching and leaving the cut grass in your lawn is one of the best nutrient-rich feedings that you can provide your lawn.

The last major organic tip revolves around watering. If you are the type to water your own lawn, only do so once every three to four days with a good 4 inches of whatever. Infrequent but deep watering is vital to root health. The deeper the water, the deeper the root growth, and the healthier the overall appearance of your lawn.

Chemical treatments are pretty simple and to the point. It is always best to consult your local lawn care specialist for chemical treatment plans, but a brief overview is:

  • Early spring : Nitrogen and crabgrass preventers.
  • Middle to late spring : Post-emergence broadleaf herbicides and insecticides.
  • Summer : Insecticides / grub control.
  • Fall : Soluble nitrogen and lime if needed.

What are some of the keys to growing healthy grass?

Regular routine mowing should be all homeowners priority to having a healthy lawn. You should never cut off more than a quarter inch of a grass blade for a general rule of thumb ? doing so will cause the grass to stress, turning it yellow and worse-case scenario, death.

As mentioned above, always stick to recommended mowing heights for cool season grasses, and return your grass clippings to your lawn.

What other elements of the lawn should be maintained other than the grass?

Rich, healthy soil is key to having a healthy lawn. Soil tests can be performed with your local agricultural offices and will help you identify key areas of concerns with your soil. Each test provides your soils pH, phosphorus, and potassium levels along with recommended treatment plans for your turf species.

Core aeration is also important to maintain a healthy lawn. Core aeration is the process of removing small 'cylinders' of soil which loosens the soil and allows deeper oxygen penetration.

What are the latest trends in lawn features and designs that make them beautiful.

In recent years there seems to be an incline (or more people noticing and performing the techniques themselves) of lawn striping and proper edging.

Lawn striping is the appearance of light and dark lines in a straight, diagonal, or checker board pattern. This appearance is achieved by simply reversing mowing directions on each pass. And then, step back with the sun facing your back.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to find and contact us. We are online at or facebook We are available by phone 7 days a week at (814) 515-3115 and email twenty-four seven by emailing

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Jeffrey founded Lego Services, LLC midway through 2008.

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