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Lancaster Cupcake Makes The Most Delicious Treats

By Mike Abelson

Sometimes the only motivation you need is to be the best you can be. That's what drives Emily Mitchell. She wanted to make the best cupcake around and is doing just that at her shop, Lancaster Cupcake. The shop, it's in Lancaster as its name suggests, makes any and all types of cupcakes using only the best ingredients. Mitchell answered a few questions for Pennsylvania Homes about her inspirations and how the shop continues to succeed.

What ​first inspired your love of baking, especially baking cupcakes?

My motivation was truly to make delicious cupcakes. I love cake and it's really painful to have bad cake. In our family, it's not a party without cake. My mom would always have it and we would make it together, so I learned from my mom what makes a delicious cake. I started making cupcakes so we could have a variety of flavors on the dessert table.

I read that you were featured on the television show Cupcake Wars. Can you tell me a little about what that experience was like?

It was mixture of excitement, stress and a real test if I had what it takes to bake a delicious cake in the eyes of people who tasted cupcakes from all over everyday. It's easy to bake with the pressures of a large order but add a camera in your face and producers asking you what your doing and why your doing it while a clock is racing down to 0:00. That is true grit. Overall we left as finalists and accomplishing our goal of knowing I can bake a great cupcake.

On your website it says you partner with several local groups in order to give back to the community. Why is this important to you at Lancaster Cupcake?

It's our heart and our passion to give back. We have been given a huge blessing in Lancaster Cupcake and we want to share that blessing with others. Practically we can't support everyone or every cause. We try to partner with organizations that we can truly help by raising funds or awareness to help them reach their goals.

Lancaster Cupcake has won several awards, including a Wedding Wire Couple's Choice award. What do you think it is about your cupcakes and your service that makes you stand out to your customers?

We believe in delicious cake. I think our customers see the joy we put into our cupcakes and they want to share the joy at big life moments. It's all about sharing true joy in today's world.

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