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LaRay Massage: From Pain to Success

By Elisha Neubauer

For Paige Shearer, going into massage therapy seemed as natural a decision as breathing.

Lured into the practice by fate, Shearer has been operating in the East York area in PA for the last two and a half years. Unlike many who tend to find their way into massage therapy through their own aches and pains, Shearer actually discovered the healing powers of massage through her mother's trials and tribulations.

"I would have to say I was inspired after I saw firsthand what the effects of massage could do for my mom," Shearer said.

Shearer's mother suffered from carpal tunnel and experienced numbness and tingling in her arms which kept her awake at night. After many failed attempts to treat the issue, the pair stumbled upon massage therapy and their lives changed forever.

"I met with a massage therapist that explained how nerve entrapment in her upper shoulders was probably the cause," Shearer said. "Relaxing the muscles pressing on those nerves therefore relieved her symptoms. I was fascinated that a person could affect the body so profoundly without a scalpel and wanted to know more."

Shearer enrolled in the Pennsylvania Myotherapy Institute, graduating in the fall of 2014. Today, she is the owner/operator of LaRay Massage.

"LaRay Massage not only offers a relaxing environment, but also personalizes each massage to client's individual needs with a wide variety of modalities," Shearer said.

The studio is lit with soft, earthy tones and presents a grounded, yet calming feeling. Music is calm, yet serene, sampling such styles as native flutes, Tibetan singing bowls, or string and piano music. The waiting room is calm, quiet, and offers a small library for guests to take advantage of while waiting on their appointments.

"A client can feel at ease taking their time in the studio knowing they have a therapist who understands their aches and pains, and also how to help relieve them," Shearer said. "Whether you need relief from lingering whip-lash, a sore back, or just to de-stress from daily life there is a good style, or mix of styles of massage for you, and a therapist to explain best fit for you and why."

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