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Helping Every-Day Citizens: Law Offices of Katherine L. Niven & Associates

By Elisha Neubauer

We often think that people become lawyers for the money. Often, that is the case, as it is one of the higher paying professions available. However, in Katherine Niven's case, that wasn't the reason at all. Niven found herself eager to attend law school at a young age after personal tragedy hit close to home. Now, Niven prides herself and her company on the ability to help those in need - offering services with free consultations and no pressure.

As a child, Niven's father was injured on the job. "It was the fault of a drunk crane operator who dropped a one-ton wheel on my father," Niven explains. "The company was aware of it, as my father had been complaining, but had done nothing." This had a huge impact on her growing up, teaching her at an early age that people could be hurt or killed through no fault of their own. "It gave me empathy for people who needed representation who did not have access to high-priced lawyers."

It was this incident that forged her love of helping the every-day citizen and led to the eventual founding of the Law Offices of Katherine L. Niven and Associates. "Lawyers can help the every-day citizen through effective representation at no cost unless there is a recovery," Niven states. "My firm operates in this manner, and we also put forward all of the money that is needed to litigate a case so that people without means can have good representation." In addition to helping with workers' compensation cases, Niven and Associates give advice without charge. The firm represents children in need of disability benefits and mentally-disabled people who need help getting the Social Security benefits they deserve.

Of course, with Niven's background, the firm has a strong understanding of the workers' compensation system. Before opening Niven and Associates, Nirven was a former workers' compensation law judge, presiding over thousands of hearings, and worked as chief counsel for the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers' Compensation. Thanks to this extensive history, she not only understands the law, but she knows what judges look for in the cases that come before them. Niven and her hand-picked associates are empathetic, involved, and compassionate towards each and every one of their clients.

The firm also takes part in the broader community by sponsoring the National Association for the Mentally Ill, the Bethesda Mission, and the Water Street Mission. Niven tells us. "From preparing and submitting the initial application for benefits to challenging denied claims, our firm is ready to provide the representation you need."

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