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Professional Advice on Hardscaping for Your Home: An Interview with Jeff Moyer of Green With Envy

By Jeff Moyer

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Green With Envy is a full-service landscape company offering services that include both residential and commercial, services in mowing landscape design and install, turf treatment packages and hardscaping. Formed in 2005 by owner Jeff Moyer Green with Envy has seen successful growth since then expanding from 1 to 10 employees and 4 crews all specializing in their respective aspect of landscaping/hardscaping. Our growth is due to our attention to customer satisfaction and quality being job one. This is done through training and the correct mix of talented employees.

What are the most common outdoor hardscapes homes?

The majority of our hardscapes are residential patios, walls and walkways with an emphasis on creating a space that works for both budgets and ascetically pleasing design.

What are the factors to consider before deciding to get new hardscape for your home?

Many contractors are installing hardscape and patios. The key is to select a contractor that you feel comfortable with. Prices can greatly vary. Be careful of low priced bids. When there is a great difference in pricing there usually is a reason. Remember, this is a significant investment that you want to enjoy for years to come and choosing the wrong contractor could affect your investment.

How do hardscapes help people better utilize their outdoor spaces?

Hardscaping can virtually expand your living area in your property, beautify your home and increase your home's value. Weather it is a patio or complete outdoor kitchen area, wall or walkway hardscaping is a great investment in your home and greatly increases curb appeal.

Is there anything about hardscapes that you'd like to particularly share to your clients?

Again, do your homework. Choose a contractor that you feel comfortable with. Ask questions and feel secure with confident honest answers. Also, we never built a patio that the customer said was too large. So if you would like a larger area and it is not within your budget, don't settle. Just delay the project until you are able to build what you would like. You will be much happier in the long run.

Do you have any maintenance tips for newly installed hardscapes?

Most new hardscapes need very little maintenance. Keep the area free of debris, sticks and leaves. Use a blower to move debris off patios. I don't recommend pressure washing unless by a trained hardscape person. Pressure washing excessive joint sand from patios will result in pavers moving, shifting and excessive water draining into the base of the patio. Patios will at times form some forms of moss and mold in joints and surface areas. Depending on the amount of sun the area receives will depend on when this occurs.

Contact your hardscape contractor. He will be able to pressure was the surface and install a new upper layer of joint sand for a patio that will look like new. Walls can be lightly pressure wash by any homeowner. I would only recommend plane water for this. Never use a chemical or bleach type product.

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

Green with Envy can be contacted by calling us at 717-590-7056 or e-mail at and on the web at

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