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Slow Start to Major Growth: How Intuitive Energy Came to Be

By Elisha Neubauer

Intuitive Energy, a place for creating and healing in Media, PA, didn't start out as most businesses do. The school developed, like a growing tree, over many years. What started out as a one-night-a-week free healing clinic grew into introductory classes, six-month training courses, and more. Several years later and the school found itself moving into a larger building on 2nd street.

Brad Hess, founder of Intuitive Energy, recalled how he found his way to form Intuitive Energy.

"I spent five years training at a school in California and also worked closely with a mentor in New York City," he said. "I'm an electrical engineer by trade, so I pursued this solely as a personal passion."

Brad Hess

In 2003, Hess decided to take the suggestions of his friends and family and began offering sessions professionally out of a shared space in his off-hours. The news spread and things began to develop further as years went on.

"Now our school occupies two floors, and we have six teachers, five classrooms, and many graduates who do sessions as part of what we offer," Hess said. "Thousands have come through our doors."

One of the most important things Hess and his staff seek to achieve is making everyone feel comfortable in their school. The environment is said to feel laid back, supportive, while still maintaining an exciting and fun approach. Everyone is welcome at Intuitive Energy, whether they've previously dabbled in the methods of meditation and energy healing or are completely brand-new to the process. The school fosters a feeling of diversity, wanting everyone to discover their true selves and embrace their uniqueness.

"Our students range from truck drivers to PhDs, atheists to Christians, laborers to millionaires," Hess said.

Students of the Intuitive Energy school learn vital skills that translate easily into everyday life, such as how to release stress and the vibes we accumulate from others, and how to distinguish what's yours from the problems, issues and emotions that belong to others. Classes introduce easy, useful tools which help students to release pain, stress, and invalidation, allowing them to be more comfortable in their own skin.

Students also learn how to recognize and protect their own boundaries, taking on less emotion from each encounter. Students learn how to stand their ground without getting into resistance or confrontation. Overall, students are taught to make more room for themselves in their lives and enjoy the process along the way.

In addition to classes, the school offers energy healings and readings from staff, students and graduates, all trained with the school's unique approach. People come not only for their own personal sessions, but for house healings, business readings and even energy healings for their pets.

"We respect you," Hess said. "We won't invade your space with foreign energy, or program you to follow someone's teachings."

Intuitive Energy is located at 18 E 2nd St in Media, and can be reached at 610-848-8334 or

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