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Stroudsburg at a Glance

By Tiffany Raiford

Stroudsburg is one of the most popular tourist areas in all of Pennsylvania. Its close proximity to the Poconos region of the state makes it this way. It's located in Monroe County and it serves as the Monroe County seat. The area is lovely. It has very pronounced seasons, turning lovely shades of orange, yellow and red during the fall, white in the winter and lush and green during the spring and summer seasons. It makes it a very desirable place to live and to visit for so many.

Stroudsburg History

What makes Stroudsburg so interesting is the fact that it was created by Col. Jacob Stroud, who lived in the area during the late 1700s. He founded the area after discovering it and aptly named the little town after his family. He even built his son a home in Stroudsburg that still exists in the area. It's now known as a historic landmark in the area. The downtown area of Stroudsburg is the only true downtown in much of the area that is Monroe County. This is why it was chosen as the county seat, and why it's such a popular little area for visitors, despite not being a very big area when it was first founded. Over the years, however, the area began to grow as Jacob Stroud's family continued to build in the area. Once it was realized how close this little area is to the mountains, it became more populated as residents brought in their businesses and built their homes so that the area would become a popular tourist destination.

Stroudsburg Culture

Stroudsburg is a tourist town. The population of the little city is only a little over 6,600 people. These people are mostly those who've lived in the area forever. However, despite its small size and historic nature, the area is a hugely popular place for people to visit. The downtown area brings in many tourists because of its unique and diverse culture. The downtown area has more than 600 hotel rooms, 24 restaurants, dozens of art galleries and antique shops and even specialty shops. It's close to the Poconos, which draws in tourists year round. In fact, this area sees many of the Poconos 8 million annual visitors.

Stroudsburg Landmarks

The Stroudsburg landmarks are numerous. The Stroud Mansion is one of the most famous. It's the home built by the founder of the city, Jacob Stroud. He built the home for his son in 1795, all three stories. The home was passed down from generation to generation until the late 1890s when it was turned into a boarding house. Today it serves as the historical society museum. The Academy Hill Historic District, Monroe County Courthouse and the Kitson Woolen Mill are all historic landmarks that you should visit anytime you're in the Poconos region.

Stroudsburg isn't a big city with glittering skyscrapers and big attractions, but its charm and historic nature make it a great place to visit. The area brings in nearly $8 billion in annual revenue being such a tourist attraction. It's a simple town filled with history and heritage, which lends to its appeal.

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