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The Healthy Grocer Supports a Healthy Lifestyle With Organic and Natural Products

By Pamela Sosnowski

With so many processed foods and produce from farms that use pesticides in supermarkets today, it can be daunting to find food items that are certified organic and grown without GMOs. That's why the Healthy Grocer was founded in 1996. More than 20 years later, the Camp Hill store continues to be a leading source of organic and all-natural food and wellness products for the central Pennsylvania area.

"Since its inception, the Healthy Grocer has catered to the needs of those seeking a healthy lifestyle and looking for guidance on how to start," general manager Susan Kiskis said. "From a full service deli and bakery to organic produce delivered three times a week to clean versions of everyday staples, the Healthy Grocer fulfills a niche in the community."

The Healthy Grocer stocks a variety of foods and food products, nutritional and herbal supplements, homeopathic remedies, personal care products, and more. All items are considered natural or organic. The store also features a deli, bakery, and juice bar that makes made-to-order juices, smoothies, wraps and sandwiches. A "to go" case offers pre-made appetizers, meals, lunch items, and more.

The store has its own in-house catering service as well, and will make wraps, soups (Kiskis cites a Lithuanian cold beet soup as one of her favorites), salads, snacks, dessert items, and more using the same fresh ingredients sold on its shelves. Selections can be ordered online and picked up, or delivered to a location.

The store's original owner and founder, Jeff Wolfson, had a background in retail and recognized a need for healthier grocery alternatives in his community. As the benefits of eating organically continued to gain popularity through the years, his business grew. The storefront expanded its square footage and product offerings and added an online ordering system for added convenience to its customers.

Last year Wolfson retired and sold the store to William Roche, an expert "wurstmacher" (sausage maker), entrepreneur, and food lover who previously worked for European delicatessens and meat manufacturers. He's also the co-founder of a non-profit aimed at helping to end hunger in the U.S. called Peace Love Plates, and that philanthropic side has spilled over into the Healthy Grocer as well.

"Very quickly into his first year of running the business, he wanted to increase the way the Healthy Grocer supported the community," Kiskis said. "We developed a program where we find monthly volunteer opportunities for our staff to participate in. It's new and optional, yet the participation has been great."

The store is more than healthy products; it also puts an emphasis on friendly customer service, whether that's greeting every customer with a smile or helping them find an organic product. No matter what customers are looking for, one thing's for certain: they can count on the store to always be a source of food and food products that are devoid of artificial ingredients.

"The Healthy Grocer is one of those unique places where you think you have it pegged until you shop here," Kiskis said. "Customers can find eggs and raw milk from local farmers, Torchbearer sauces made right next door in Mechanicsburg, and bone broth made in Hummelstown. The spin is that they are clean and natural. You don't have to worry about an ingredient panel that goes on forever or one that you can't identify the ingredients."

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