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The Importance of an Irrigation System

By Paul Kimicata

Please describe the background of your company and your qualifications.

Kimicata Brothers Inc. has been servicing the greater Pittsburgh area since 1929. We started as a landscape maintenance company. Through hard work, reliable service and four generations, we have grown into a full service landscape design build, maintenance and irrigation company. Our expert staff of trained professionals pride ourselves on our commitment to exceed your expectations. So when you make a purchase, the results are only as good as the professionals performing the work and their commitment to quality service after the sale. Landscape Industry Certified is an internationally recognized certification that requires the candidate to pass a written test and a timed hands on test. Having landscape certified staff, test by the PLNA (Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association), demonstrates our dedication to professionalism and distinguishes our company above others.

Why is it important to install an irrigation system in a lawn?

Any plant that is healthy, actively growing and not under water stress is better able to fight off weeds,disease and insects. Not to mention the money and time getting landscapes in shape in the spring only to go away on vacation and find your landscape is dried up upon your return, wasting all the hard work and money. Also healthy lawns make a great filter when it comes to storm water run off. Automatic irrigation creates for the homeowner more free time. Instead of spending hours moving sprinklers and hoses, the system comes on early morning, runs through the zones and shuts off before you are even out of bed.

Do different types of grasses require different amounts of water?

Not only do different grasses require different amounts of water, but different exposures require different amounts of water. Tall fescue requires the least amount of water. Turf type fescue, ryegrass and bluegrass all have higher water requirements. Additionally, a sunny exposure or a steep slope increases the water requirements.

What are some things homeowners can do to conserve water and limit the amount of times they use their irrigation system?

Homeowners can conserve water by only watering when we are not getting natural rain. Also watering in the early morning when temperatures are cooler and the wind is usually calm. Also established plants have a well developed root system and can access more water. Where newly planted plants have a less developed root system and require more water.

Are there any features to your irrigation systems that prevent over-watering?

We prevent over watering by using several methods. Install a rain sensor or soil moisture sensor. These prevent the system from operating when we have had rain. Several brands of controllers have seasonal adjust controls that allow the homeowner to easily increase or decrease the amount of water according to the seasons. Also proper installation of zones allow for steep slopes to be watered short and frequent to minimize run off.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Homeowners can contact our company through our web site at, by E-mail at or by phone at 412-421-6323. We have 24 hour answering service.

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