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Things to Think About When Cleaning out your Home

By Ben Levy

It is past spring cleaning and that old item that's been lingering about your house is still there. So, here comes the age old question. How do you know when to throw something away?

First, you have to evaluate, is this something useful to me? If the answer is no, then it is on to the next question. Would someone else pay for my junk that I no longer need? There are many websites and companies out there that allow you to advertise your junk and you just might even turn a profit! So, before you give that old knick knack or couch the boot, you may find there is some desperate college student out there looking to furnish their new digs with your unwanted things. So, before your unwanted items hit the trash, you may consider advertising or helping them find a home the old fashion way, with your unwanted items on the curb and a "Free" sign posted nearby.

Now, it is back to the evaluation of whether you need your item in question or not. Evaluate how often, if ever, you use the item you are considering getting rid of. Decide if after you throw it away, you're going to need it the next day or if it is an item not worth your time. These are important questions to ask and if the answer to your use question is a yes, then you may consider keeping it. If not, try and recycle the item or get rid of that thing!

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