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West End Yoga Studio Is A Genuine Yoga Community

By S. Mathur

West End Yoga Studio is a wellness-focused community in Lancaster PA, where students and teachers enjoy the ancient practice of yoga. Over the years students have told Jonina Turzi, owner and founder, that they appreciate the studio as a spiritual place.

"We are a caring group of talented teachers and dedicated students," Turzi said."We recently updated our core values as a studio to reflect our alignment with the Three Yamas or ethical guidelines of yoga. They are Ahimsa or non-harming, Satya or truth-telling and Asteya non-stealing."

While the movement classes often focus on core stability and alignment, teachers are free to teach in their own unique styles.

"I wanted a place to teach yoga that focused on careful therapeutic alignment, and where many different teachers from many diverse backgrounds were free to teach from their hearts," Turzi said. "We've been open for 4 years this November. Thanksgiving morning was our very first class."

Classes include various styles of yoga, tai chi, and mediation. Wall Yoga, which uses the yoga wall to enhance alignment and stretch the spine, is a favorite with many students. Other styles of yoga taught at the studio include vinyasa, power flow and kundalini. There are prenatal yoga classes periodically as well. Restorative yoga is an effortless practice which soothes the nervous system. Props like bolsters, blocks, and blankets are available at the studio.

Another popular class is morning meditation. Students also look forward to special events like the recent Crystal Love Workshop, where they work with crystals and enjoy yoga, meditation and scared chants. They also learn to integrate crystals into yoga practice and make rose quartz mala bracelets. The Crystal Love Workshop was conducted by studio instructors.

"Leah Fox, who has a deep passion for mala making; along with Maricelle Sheldon a loving Kundalini teacher, and Maelis Mittig, who often bases her classes on chakra yoga techniques, relating her lessons to colors and energetic movement," studio manager Sarah Henry said.

Other workshops address topics such as yoga for runners, the art of sequencing, and alignment focusing on problem areas like shoulders and hips. The teachers are highly qualified, experienced and kind, creating a compassionate atmosphere that is conducive to the practice. In keeping with its core values, the studio partners with local charitable efforts, such as Trini Foundation, a non-profit that brings yoga to the substance abuse recovery community. The studio hosts special fundraising classes where all fees are donated to the cause.

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