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What You Need to Know About Custom Furniture: An Interview with George Martin of George's Furniture

By George Martin

Tell us more about your company and its foundation.

George's Furniture started as a hobby, by George Martin, 45 years ago. He made furniture for his family like table and chairs, hutch, bed, swinging cradle, his famous no-tip rocker, sew machine table and natural bark edge coffee table. Other people learned of his quality craftsmanship and requested George to make furniture for their homes.

Soon he needed to train other craftsmen the art of working with 100% solid hardwood. The woodshop, located at 9 Reichs Church Rd, Marietta, PA is where the ultra quality, made-to-order, by one craftsman, furniture is crafted. Each craftsman follows his assigned piece through to its completion. The craftsmen complete an apprenticeship, working along side an experienced master craftsman to learn the best way to build furniture, using all solid wood. No practical board or plywood is used in any part of the furniture. Each piece is signed and dated by its maker.

Our designers work with the customers to discover the design and layout. Customers bring in a drawing with dimensions listed or verbally describe what they want be built. When design, wood type (walnut, cherry, oak and maple) and stain color are decided, the order (with a deposit) is delivered to the shop and assigned a craftsman to create the furniture. He hand picks the wood, matching the grain, planes, builds, and sands, to create the masterpiece.

It is then signed, dated and finished with our water-resistant catalyzed finish to protect and seal the wood. We arrange for personal delivery to your house. George's furniture is present in homes all over the US and Canada. We give personal wood shop tours. Monday-Friday 9:00 to 4:00. Showrooms are open Monday-Saturday 9:00 to 5:00. Come and see our craftsmen working and browse the showrooms to get ideas for your next piece of hand-crafted furniture made your way.

What are some important questions clients should ask you before the process?

1. What are the size of components or items that will be stored in the furniture?

2. What size is my mattress when ordering a bed?

3. Dimensions of the room?

4. What may be my future needs for the piece of furniture to be made?

5. How many people will I need to seat at one table?

How do you suggest clients prepare for a this process?

Clients should be prepared with (1) the dimensions of desired furniture, (2) wood type interest (walnut, cherry, oak, hard maple), (3) small item with stain color (if staining to match items already in home), and (4) picture of design to help explain what they like.

What are some common issues/challenges you face when it comes to designing furniture?

Creating furniture that is structurally sound, holding up to the abuse of everyday use, while displaying the beauty of the natural wood. 100% solid wood expands and contracts naturally. We build our furniture, allowing the wood to breath (expand and contract) to be able to endure for generations to come.

What is your favorite advice to give your clients in terms of creating custom furniture for their homes?

Think about the future when designing your furniture because the furniture will out last us and be handed down to the next generation.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Interested people can call George's Furniture at 1-800-799-1685 or email at Visit for customer reviews and photos of just some of the wonderful masterpieces that our customers are talking about.

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