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Why Hire a Home Moving Company: An Interview with Cory Scholes of Muscle For Moves

By Cory Scholes

About Muscle For Moves

We offer local and long distance moving services with the comfort to our customers of being fully insured. We started moving in 2006. We offer many packages to save our customers the most money as possible. We can provide the truck or if the customer would like to provide one we can also just provide the supplies and labor. We service anywhere within 100 miles of York PA (17403) The truck size we can offer is a small 10ft truck or 26 foot truck with other size trucks in between also available. All supplies are including in the prices you would be given (no extra charges)

What Services do You Offer?

We offer packing unpacking loading unloading and driver services. We also offer 1-few item moves. No job is too big or too small as I have many experienced movers on my team. We also offer service of no truck needed at all (example redoing a floor in the house or painting and you just need to have the items moved to a different room in the same house or move this piece from 2nd floor to the 3rd floor). Anything moving related we will do: like said NO job too big or too small.

Advantages of Hiring a Moving Company?

The advantages to hiring us as your moving company. We do this work everyday jobs are booked, we know how to properly lift, We are extremely careful and treat your items as they are our own items. We move at a fast yet steady pace so the move goes very smooth with no issues. We do not add any hidden fees . Our prices as many customers say can't be touched.

Another advantage is knowledge. Really we know everything about moving what type of padding should be used for what items. What truck sizes are best without wasting money on extra space and fuel duel to a bigger heavier truck. Also since we have been in this field for awhile we know who is best to not even talk to as far as other moving companies that try to get every cent out of you.

How Does Hiring a Moving Company Help Me Save Time?

By hiring a moving company you will save a lot of time as we assemble and disassemble furniture every job we do so it is second nature to use how we do it. We also know how to pick things up and hold them with causing injury to us or the items which can save time and money if the customer would try doing it themselves and end up getting hurt and needing to take off work or buy a new item because they broke the item.

Advice for Someone Who is Unsure About Hiring a Moving Company?

Generally speaking, it is a lot less stressful to hire movers because we aren't the normal homeowners or renters we are movers and we know what we are doing so it will save you time money and items by hiring MuscleforMoves.

Best Way to Contact You?

People interested in contacting me can reach me at 7176835319 (call or text) They may email me at or the may find me on Facebook by clicking the link: If they like my page I give them $1- off (on local jobs only) (must show proof of liking my page the day of the job to receive the discount. You can also visit my website at

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Barry allen

thats an intersting intertview !<br [/> />]


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Mark Walters

Do no use this company. I scheduled a simple move several weeks in advance. On the day of the move, I called Cory at lunchtime to confirm that they would be at my place at 5:00 PM that evening as

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