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Why You Might Need Custom Carpentry in Your Home

By Vernon Martin

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Strong desire for better results led me to establish our company in 1992 after years of hands-on experience in the construction industry. Deep within, not only the mission of the company, but the heart of each of our employees is the commitment to supply quality products and workmanship delivered with superior service. Our primary projects have been full scale home renovations that include additions, however we provide services for many smaller projects from exterior replacements to kitchens up to Custom Homes.

When might you suggest someone should look into custom carpentry to complete their job?

Many people cannot afford to always to buy the best of everything and have to prioritize and decide where they are willing to sacrifice in order to get more elsewhere.Prioritizing your home and investing for quality and longevity is a wise financial decision. You may want to drive a Mercedes Benz to work but you decide to buy a less expensive car so that you are able to buy that vacation home.

What are a few benefits of custom carpentry?

Custom work speaks for itself; it says quality, individuality and higher value. Options are virtually unlimited presenting the opportunity for greater flexibility. When it comes to custom work "the sky is not the limit" your imagination is! Custom work allows you to "take the road less traveled" and express yourself, consequently creating a project that reflects you and becomes your masterpiece.

Is the process longer to custom build pieces than it would be otherwise, and if so is it so much longer that you feel it would really be an issue?

Building a fine quality project does by nature take time. You have different expectations of a drive thru burger and steak dinner. Your home is not something you taste for a few minutes and several hours later you have forgotten about it but you live in it every day for a long time. You have to ask yourself; is it worth a few extra days to forego the "fast food" construction method in order to enjoy a lasting "fine cuisine" custom product?

Are there any downfalls of custom carpentry?

Possibly the biggest detractor of custom work is the cost involved with a quality project. Many times however the cost of a custom project is not higher than the alternative if you accurately consider value and the longevity. The initial cost may be higher but in many cases the custom product will deliver satisfaction that is non-existent otherwise and it will last longer therefore over the span of its lifetime it could easily be less expensive.

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