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Our community of experts consists of qualified lawyers, appraisers, contractors, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, and insurance specialists.

user profile Roger Olson
Olson, Black, & Associates Inc.

Roger is president and founder of Olson, Black & Associates, Inc. He holds a civil engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin and has worked in the residential and public works construction business for 50 years.

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user profile Brian Thomas
Pennsylvania Home Inspections

Brian is an engineer by trade and has spent most of his career performing Commercial building and environmental assessments.

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user profile Joe Randazzo
Craftsman Home Inspection Service

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user profile Rick Stump
Suburban Property Inspections

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user profile Laci Eckenroth
Apple Home Inspections, Inc

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user profile John Arnold
Arnold Home Inspection

John started Arnold Home Inspections almost twelve years ago after his brother-in-law said he would like it and urged him to do so.

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user profile Paul Bukeavich
Healthy Home Inspections

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