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The Importance of Staging Your Home

By Beth Drucker

If you're having trouble finding a buyer for your home, the problem could be as simple as presentation. You have a brief window of opportunity to leave the buyer with a good impression, so if your home looks cluttered or run-down people are less likely to choose your home. The following are several tips on staging your home to the potential buyer.

Make your house look modern by conducting a technology overhaul and showing off modern technology such as a flat screen TV, laptops, and other new technology to replace bulky televisions and stereo systems. Even though you're not selling such items with the house, the buyer will have a better first impression and judge the amount of space in the house by the amount of space you currently leave open. Therefore, you should also make a point not to leave clutter around the house.

Most homebuyers are singles, young families with small children, and empty nesters. Based on the type of person looking at your home, you'll want to showcase different aspects. If you're selling to singles, focus on the living room and bedroom, which is where they spend most of their time. Make sure those rooms look appealing. If you're selling to families, make the place look kid friendly by strategically placing toys around the house and having a nice size room with a TV and wide open floor for kids to play in. If you're selling to empty nesters, update the appliances and accessories and make sure the house has good lighting.

Based on who is looking to buy your house stress those different aspects, but in every case be sure to make the house look appealing. You could do so by painting the walls with a splash of color that works well with the interior, clearing clutter, and upgrading technology.

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